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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of Zanzibar Kanji Tours, which are legal and provide guidance for all our clients before booking.

We will do business with all customers who read and accept these terms and conditions without any objection.

These terms will be subject to change from time to time as a result of changes in the country.

General booking Terms and Conditions

All bookings must be confirmed in writing, either by email or when you fill out our reservation form.

Your booking is considered guaranteed only when you pay 25% for Zanzibar activities and 40% of the Tanzania Safari deposit has been paid.

A Group Booking Non-Refundable Deposit may be requested from time to time.

The remaining 75% or 60% must be paid in cash two days before or on the day of the Tours. In this case, please note that USD notes issued before 2006 are not accepted in Tanzania, so Zanzibar Kanji Tours will also not take them.


Children under 3 Years are Free of Charge.

Children aged 4 to 12 years are included, pay 50% of the adult rate.

Children above 13 years are considered Adults.


Day tours and transfers. Cancellations

Day tours and transfers in Zanzibar canceled more than 24 hours before departure time can be fully refunded.

Tour and transfers canceled less than 24 hours before departure will not be refunded.

If you change the timing of the tour and transfer before 24 hours, you will use the same pre-existing rates.

Cancelation of other packages, safari, accommodations

If you cancel before 1 month, you will receive all your money back 100%.

If you cancel it before 15 days, you will be refunded only 50% of your money.

If you cancel before 7 days, you will not get your money back. 0%.

N.B. Accommodation will be based on hotel and resort policies.

What cannot be refunded?

We do not refund because all tourist schedules are prepared in advance, before the tour date.

We will not refund you if you do not participate in a visit that is already on the relevant   schedule for personal reasons or appropriate circumstances of the tour

Airfare will not be refunded to tourists with air fare included in the final price

Hotel extensions and Instant Verification products (entry tickets, city passports, etc.) cannot be exchanged or refunded once approved. 

Cancellation request

If you wish to cancel any tour, please send an email before the scheduled time above to avoid any inconvenience.

If you do that, you will get your money back within 1 to 7 days if it is a working day.

Email: info@zanzibarkanji.tours


Zanzibar Kanji Tour provides transport services in all parts of Zanzibar Island.

If you do any tour with Zanzibar Kanji Tours, the transport service will be an additional cost depending on the journey distance.

We also offer transfers from one hotel to another, with the cost of transfers depending on the distance from the hotel you are going to.


Non-residents are required to pay in foreign currency in accordance with Tanzanian law. Payments can be made in cash. We do not encourage credit card payments at present because we have faced some fraudulent challenges in the past period. But now we have placed more emphasis on our terms and conditions, especially in the case of payments.

Therefore, we recommend payment by credit card with an online link integrated here (PesaPal Link). Please inform us once you want to pay for your booking so that we can send you the payment link (PesaPal link).



Zanzibar Kanji Tours shall not be responsible for severe injury or death due to participation in certain travel activities, which have inherent risks including, but not limited to, attacks by wildlife animals, hot air ballooning, sightseeing, flights in domestic planes, mountain climbing, or rafting.

Zanzibar Kanji Tour will not be responsible for losses or expenses from sickness, quarantine, weather, acts of God, strikes, civil disturbances, wars, customs regulations, or such other causes.


Zanzibar Kanji Tours will not be held liable for any airstrip or road conditions that may impede or make travel impossible during appointment times.

Any alterations to the preliminary itinerary are subjected to the above-outlined conditions regardless of any matters or weather conditions.


All matters concerning the above conditions shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Tanzania. The clients submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tanzania, which shall be the sole forum for the hearing of any claims.